Business Alert at 9:00am With CVA – Physically Healthy Workplace

Sitting at a desk in front of a computer 9 + hours a day is not good for anyone but some businesses require this so how can you create a physically healthy workplace when this is the case.

We have a few ideas that might benefit you and your team.

Here’s one idea that worked for us. We asked a personal trainer to show us a few exercises we can do at our desks and it was surprising how quickly these became routine. Just small movements made all the difference to the team and when one team member starts, you’ll find others follow.

We also encourage a walk around the block. When we see an employee with that look of frustration on their face or their eyes start to glaze over from glaring at the computer screen, you’ll hear one team member say, “time for a walk maybe?”. This works every time…

A work environment where your team members care for each others health can’t be a bad thing.