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Pay It ForwardPay It Forward

Let us advertise your business.

Over the years our amazing clients have helped us raise money for Lifeline to assist a family start the school year with everything they need. This year is no different however we’ve decided to up the ante by committing to sponsoring a little 7 year old girl through The Smith Family.

This is a big challenge for us but one we’re proud to take on. Which brings us to you, our clients. We are hoping you might be able to dig a little deeper to help us support these kids and their families. And by helping us, we’re going to help you.

If you are able to donate, we would like to say thank you by advertising your business through our Business Alerts.

Our Business Alerts touch over 500 contacts & businesses weekly so not only do you get to help kids who really need & deserve your help, you get free advertising & business exposure you wouldn’t necessarily get. Not bad at all.

Click the ‘Pay It Forward’ link below if you’re able to help. $52 is all it takes to sponsor our child for 1 month and we would appreciate any extra for our Lifeline family.

Thank you!