Business Alert at 9:00am With CVA – Lifeblood Of Your Business

lifebloodThe metaphors we use to discuss money are fascinating and revealing. When we spend too much, we’re “bleeding” it; when it comes unexpectedly, it’s “pennies from heaven.” We know money is important so why do so many businesses spend it freely without having a budget.

Keeping to your own business’s budget is a basic task of financial wellness. It’s also a signal to all that you’ve got a hold on what you’re doing.

Staying on budget doesn’t need to be a burden. In fact, it’s a creative opportunity if you treat it like one. If you’re not afraid of the work, or the potentially painful decisions you’ll have to make, making the most of your budget is the best exercise your business brain will get.

Do you know how to create a budget that will keep the wolves from the door? Because we do. We can help you create a budget and also ensure you stick to it.