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TeamGetting the Best From Your Team

Your team can help make your business or break your business. Unfortunately as humans we have a tendency to underestimate our impact so it’s in your best interest to spend some time making your team members feel valued & appreciated. If they feel appreciated, they’re often happier & aspire to perform better in their role.

If this is an area you struggle with, these five suggestions could help you to strengthen your team and your business culture.

1. Create a welcoming environment There are a couple of questions you can ask that will go a long way towards making your team feel welcome & comfortable. –  Good morning, how was your weekend? –  Are you stuck on anything at the moment? –  Do you have everything you need to complete your tasks?

Questions like these don’t seem like a big deal but to your team member, it means the world; it’s acknowledgment.

2. Keep the lines of communication open We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ but are you guilty of ignoring a broken thread, hoping it will go away? Having a 10 – 15 minute one on one catch up each week with your team members can help alleviate gaping holes in your business.

3. Celebrate wins When you have a win, don’t claim all the glory for yourself, give credit where it’s due to create confidence through open acknowledgement. If you don’t celebrate the wins, everything tends to feel indifferent & uninspiring. Celebrating a win can be anything from a ‘well done’, to buying morning tea for the team.

4. Offer Development opportunities Keep in mind your team may be just as eager as you to learn & evolve professionally. You only have to ask the question, is there anything you wish to learn or achieve? You might be surprised by the answer plus any skill they learn can be used in your business.

5. Get to know them Finding out what makes them tick and what motivates them will help you to get the most out of your team. Do you know what they’re saving for? Do you know what their kids names are? Where they want to go on their next holiday? Believe it or not, it’s the small things that make a BIG difference.