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About You – Who is Our Ideal Client?

When we talk about our Ideal Client it’s to provide you with the knowledge of what type of business we are. If you understand what’s important to us, you’ll understand what we can achieve for you.

Our ‘purpose’ or our ‘why’ is..

We believe you deserve to have someone in your corner to help you achieve your goals. We want to be that person for you!

For you, these are the things we believe strongly about –

  • Every business owner should get an ROI on their business (Return On Investment).
  • Every business owner deserves to have a work life balance
  • Every business owner should be achieving their personal goals every year
  • Every business owner should be able to take 6 weeks annual leave if so desired
  • Every business owner has a ‘Whole of Business Risk Assessment’ completed every year


These are what our ideal client believes strongly about –

  • Wants their business to succeed financially to help them achieve their personal goals
  • Wants a work-life balance
  • Wants to meet regularly to review the numbers of their business
  • Wants help in understanding the numbers of their business
  • Wants solutions and is open to ideas
  • Wants a partnership with their accountant; someone in their corner.
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